Monetization Saga

Games were always monetized.  So why do gamers hate that word, and what's the right approach? Attract Mode If an... Details


My short essay on the use of realism in games.     The game industry has struggled with realism b... Details

Le Vamp

See a video review of Le Vamp and my reflections on the lovable French vampire kid.     http://yo... Details


Download this map I made for Unreal Tournament 3, and read about 10 level design principles I used while making it. ... Details

Secret Saturdays

Watch this Let's Play video I found just recently of one of the first games I worked on at High Voltage.   &... Details

Fine Art

Though no longer my primary focus, this is a selection of my older, standalone artwork.       ... Details

Mess Hall

Before I was ultimately hired as a designer, I did an environment art test for High Voltage Software, working from the ... Details


These are some game-ready props I've done. ... Details

EMR Marine

The protagonist in Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge is a complex figure: space marine, time traveler, and medieval knight. ... Details

Dodge Demon

In 2007 Dodge revealed the Demon concept car at an auto show.  I liked how it looked, and took the opportunity to model... Details